We offer a wide array of services:

  • Home Comfort, Safety, & Energy Analysis
  • Air Sealing
  • Combustion Efficiency Testing
  • Heating/Cooling System Design

Home Comfort, Safety, & Energy Analysis

Your comprehensive home comfort, safety & energy analysis begins with a brief phone or face-to-face interview to fully understand any issues your home may currently have (drafts, cold and hot spots, etc.).

Before we analyze your home, we will request one year’s worth of energy bills (gas, oil, electric) so we can better understand where energy dollars are currently being spent. We will then analyze your home using state-of-the art equipment, including a Minneapolis Blower Door, pressure pans, synthetic smoke, and a Flir B40 infrared thermal imaging camera.

With the use of these tools, we will inspect and test for:

  • Air tightness of your building (using the Minneapolis Blower Door equipment)
  • Any gas leaks and spillage at all combustible appliances
  • Appropriate insulation in attics, walls, basements and crawlspaces
  • Window and door stability
  • Combustion efficiency and carbon monoxide levels of your heating equipment
  • Signs of moisture around your foundation, attic, basement and crawlspace
  • Air leaks within your duct system

The audit we perform on your home will specifically address comfort and efficiency problems. Within 48 hours of our analysis, we will provide you with a written report with details of your home’s current condition along with our recommended solutions to your specific problems.

Air Sealing

Save up to 20% on your Utility Bills!
For most of us, it’s fairly easy to find air leaks and drafts in our windows and doors because we feel the draft. But it’s the holes hidden in your attic, walls, basement and crawl spaces that are harder to find and typically cause the most damage.

That’s where we can help. We’ll use high-tech equipment to identify these hard-to-find holes. We’ll then use this information to recommend the best solutions to seal the leaks – caulk, spray foam or weather stripping.

The bottom line? We can help you improve your comfort and reduce your utility bills – usually up to 20% of your heating and cooling costs and 10% of your total annual energy bill.

performance3Combustion Efficiency testing


Why test for boiler and furnace efficiency?

In the past only two important questions needed to be asked:
1. Can I get better fuel efficiency? 2. Is my equipment operating safely?

Today, you are faced with more complex questions than ever before, with new questions at the top of that list:

Will my combustion equipment meet environmental regulations?

There is no doubt that environmental legislation has changed the way we all must evaluate combustion efficiency and safety.

What is combustion?

Combustion is the act or process of burning. For combustion to occur, fuel, oxygen (air) and heat must be present together.

What is combustion efficiency?

Combustion efficiency is the calculation/measurement of how well your equipment is burning a specific fuel. Complete combustion efficiency (100%) would extract all the energy available in the fuel. However, 100% combustion efficiency is not realistically achievable. Various combustion processes produce combustion efficiencies from 0% to 97+%. If your calculation shows that your equipment is losing 25% of the heating value of the fuel through stack losses, your equipment is running at 75% efficiency.

Longs GCS Corp. can test both new and exisiting boiler / furnace systems for Combustion efficiency using Bacharach’s state-of-the-art Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer.

Heating/Cooling System Design

Don’t settle for “we’ll replace it with the same size” syndrome . . .

We will come into your home and size your new Green comfortable heating/cooling system using state-of-the-art computer programs, leaving you with a complete room by room run down of how much heating and or cooling is needed for your home. No more over or under sizing!

We design and specify the “Greenest” products for your project from major manufacturer’s ensuring optimal comfort and enjoyment while not forgetting about our environment.