It is common for a homeowners insurance provider to request a 4 point inspection before writing a policy. While this might not mean anything to you, it is good to know what this inspection is before having it performed. This article will help you understand why insurance companies are concerned with the areas covered in a 4 point inspection.

What is Included in a 4 Point Inspection?

Generally speaking, a 4 point inspection focuses on the most expensive and critical components of a house. The homeowners insurance company wants to know the condition of these 4 aspects because if one of them fails, you will file a claim.


A new HVAC system can cost over $12,000, so it is a large investment. Regular maintenance plays a big part in how well the system performs and how long it will last. If there is an issue that is likely to cause the HVAC to fail prematurely, an insurance company wants to know. Also, the furnace can be a fire hazard, so the insurance company is concerned about whether it is safe.


When plumbing malfunctions, it’s not only expensive to fix but can affect other parts of your home. Drywall may need to be cut away to replace a pipe. Furthermore, plumbing leaks can cause extensive water damage. These are just a couple of reasons why the plumbing system is included in the inspection.

Electrical System

A faulty electrical system is a dangerous fire hazard. If a house fire occurs, a claim will be filed with insurance. Before writing a policy on a home, an underwriter wants to know the condition of the electrical system, what kind of wiring it has, and how old it is.

The Roof is Included in a 4 Point Inspection

Similar to the above three components, a roof is expensive to repair or replace. Also, problems with the roof can cause damage to other areas of the home, including the structure and your belongings.

A 4 point inspection covers some of the most important areas of a house. Even if your insurance company doesn’t require one, it is helpful to know the condition of these components so you can better plan for maintenance and repairs.

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