Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the exterior of a house as it relates to real estate, property values, and the first impression a visitor gets. But aside from real estate transactions, curb appeal simply refers to how a home looks on the outside. When you’re selling a home, you want it to be tidy and welcoming. Improving curb appeal isn’t only for home sellers. It’s also a way that a new homeowner can improve their property and showcase their style. If you are looking to boost curb appeal, here are a few suggestions.

Add Interest

If you have bare patches of dirt or empty flower beds, make use of these spaces. Re-seed the lawn to repair areas of sparse growth. Choose perennials or bright annuals to add color and life to the garden beds.

Even if you’re not quite ready for plants, purchase a few bags of mulch at the local hardware store to fill in the beds. This will give the landscaping a boost until you can make a plan for your front yard. If you have empty planters or window boxes, fill them with easy-to-care-for plants for their low maintenance requirements.

Improve Curb Appeal with a New Mailbox

The mailbox is often the first thing visitors notice when approaching your property. If your mailbox is by the road, make sure it is in good condition. Installing a new mailbox is inexpensive and a simple DIY project. Add a small flower bed around the mailbox post. You’ll brighten the area and make the front of your property more attractive.

You can also improve curb appeal by updating your house numbers. The numbers should be bold and visible from the road. House numbers help friends and family find your home and, should an emergency occur, they make it easier for first responders to locate you. Choose numbers that fit the style of your home. Just a simple update will go a long way in boosting the look of your property.

Give your Front Porch a Facelift

Updating your front door is one of the easiest things you can do to improve curb appeal. Repaint your door in a bold color or install a new front door. A modern steel version is attractive and will also boost energy efficiency.

Spruce up the front porch by installing new lighting fixtures, adding plants, and replacing the doormat. Purchase patio furniture and accessories to make the front of your home more cozy and welcoming. You’ll find a variety of options for seating and small tables. Choose a style that complements the aesthetic of your home. Add throw pillows and an outdoor rug to complete the look.

Mow the Grass Regularly

Even basic landscaping chores help to improve curb appeal. Mow your lawn regularly to keep the grass healthy and attractive. Trim trees and shrubs that grow too close to the home, especially if they are overhanging the roof or driveway. Basic lawn maintenance helps your property appear well-kept.

If you’re putting your home on the market, taking steps to boost curb appeal will make the house more appealing to potential buyers. Talk to your real estate agent for the best advice on prioritizing areas to improve. He or she will know the local market and have a good understanding of what buyers want in a home.

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