Building a home is a big undertaking that’s expensive and time-consuming. Some people don’t think it’s necessary to spend more time and money on a builder’s warranty inspection. However, there are a few reasons why you should get this inspection done. Here is some information about the assessment and why it is essential.

What is a Builder’s Warranty Inspection?

Most builders offer a 12-month warranty for their work. In the 11th month, homeowners should get an independent inspection of their home by a professional inspector. The purpose of this inspection is to catch any problems with the house before the warranty expires. It will cost you some money, but this is money well-spent.

4 Reasons to Get a Warranty Inspection

Saves You Money

Getting a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month gives you time to find problems with the house before the warranty expires. The builder will repair discovered at this time that are included under the warranty. This could save you thousands of dollars since correcting some construction-related problems can be costly.

Code Inspections are Insufficient

You may be inclined to rely on the findings of the code inspector rather than hiring a third-party inspector. However, municipal inspections concentrate only on the legal requirements of building safety, which is a basic minimum. Additionally, government inspectors are often in a hurry with many code inspections to complete every day.

Without a home inspection, there might be issues with your home that would go unnoticed and only surface once it is too late. It is best to have an experienced inspector examine your home to detect problems while the warranty is still valid.

Make Sure the Home is Safe

One significant advantage of a builder’s warranty inspection is that you will be protecting your family. It is only through a thorough home inspection that fundamental construction problems can be discovered. You don’t want your family living in a house with an unstable foundation, faulty electric wiring, poor framing, or drainage problems. No amount of money is worth sacrificing your family’s safety.

Protect Your Investment

Homes are often the most expensive assets that people own. A lot of money goes into building and maintaining a house, which is why you need to protect this valuable investment. The best way to do this is to catch problems early before they become costly issues.

With a warranty inspection, you are at an advantage since any issues you discover will be covered by the warranty. Additionally, a home without problems is likely to sell faster and at a higher price in the future.

Getting a warranty inspection is a smart move that could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches. Do not put off this critical task.

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