Did you know that there are many signs of an electrical problem at home? Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the signs. The safety of your loved ones is at risk if an electrical issue turns into a fire.

Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock might happen when plugging an appliance into one of your wall sockets. It can also occur when touching an appliance. It’s possible that an appliance has been wired incorrectly. This problem could cause further damage if it isn’t fixed.

Electrical Outlet Defects

Defective electrical outlets are also a sign that something’s wrong. Possible causes are cracked internal devices or loose wires. If a plug falls out of an outlet repeatedly or feels loose when plugged in, this is a sign that there is an electrical problem behind the cover plate.

Hot Outlets

Another outlet problem is when one becomes hot to the touch. It’s common for appliances to heat up when in use. A hot outlet is another story. If you notice a hot outlet, call an electrician to investigate. Sometimes outlets get so hot that they cause the plastic components to burn.

An Electrical Problem at Home Because of Circuit Breaker Issues

Your circuit breaker’s job is to prevent fires by keeping wires from overheating. The circuit breaker will shut off the connection to the main electrical supply whenever an electrical circuit becomes overloaded.

Take precautions if you notice the circuit breaker tripping frequently. Check the system by plugging any appliance causing the problem into a different circuit. Don’t try to fix a major issue yourself by working inside the electrical panel. Call an electrician so a qualified technician can diagnose the problem.

Flickering Lights Indicate an Electrical Problem at Home

The first attempt at fixing flickering lights is replacing the bulb. A faulty bulb is often the culprit. If the problem continues, it could be a faulty light fixture. Other causes include loose electrical wiring or loose fixture connections. Call a professional electrician if you suspect a more serious cause for this type of electrical problem at home.

Sparks or Burning Odors

A burning odor coming from an outlet or switch should be taken seriously. The problem is most likely overloaded wiring or a faulty device. This kind of electrical problem at home is likely to cause a fire.

Frequent sparks might mean that the outlet or circuit is faulty. Whether you’re experiencing a burning odor or sparks, you should shut off the power from the electrical panel and get an electrician out to see what’s causing the issue.

Rodent Droppings Could Point to an Electrical Problem at Home

Pay attention to rodent droppings and chew marks. If there are signs of rodents in your home, it’s possible that they have chewed your electrical wiring. When the protective covering is chewed off electric wires, it poses a fire hazard.

The best rule of thumb is to call an electrician when you discover any electrical problem at home.

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