Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses occur due to house fires. If a fire breaks out, it can spread quickly, causing damage and giving you very little time to escape. Keep your family and your property safe with these steps to boost fire safety in the home.

For Fire Safety in the Home: Install Smoke Detectors

Do a quick check of your home to make sure you have an adequate number of smoke detectors in place. It is recommended that each level of your home have at least one smoke detecting device. Install detectors in each bedroom and in the hallway outside of sleeping areas. In the kitchen, install the smoke detector 10 to 12 feet away from any cooking appliances. This will help reduce the chance of a false alarm.

Smoke detectors are also important in the basement and laundry room to warn of fire in the spaces. Install detectors on the ceiling at the bottom of each staircase. If a fire breaks out below, family members on upper levels will receive an early warning.

Create a Fire Safety Plan for Your Home

Work with your family to devise an escape route from your home in case of fire. Try to find two exits from each room. Practice these routes so everyone is familiar with them. Knowing the way out will help everyone keep calm if a fire occurs.

Teach young kids what the smoke alarm sounds like and enlist their help to test these devices every month. Choose a meeting place that is a safe distance from your home so, in case of fire, your family members know exactly where to go once they’ve evacuated.

Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers should be available on each floor of your home. Keep an extinguishing device in areas that are more prone to fire, like the kitchen, laundry room, garage, and near your grill. Make sure you know how to operate the fire extinguisher and teach your family members the proper technique for extinguishing a fire.

PASS is a helpful acronym when using a fire extinguisher. Pull the pin. Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire. Squeeze the trigger. Sweep the device from side to side to extinguish the fire.

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