The Need to Heat Your Home Efficiently

You rely on your home’s furnace to maintain a safe, comfortable indoor environment regardless of how cold it is outside. This may result in expensive home heating bills throughout the winter. Some people lower the thermostat to reduce energy costs, but when you heat your home efficiently, you can save money and also stay warm.

1. Keep Warm Air Inside

You may assume that heated air stays inside your house, but many homes are not as airtight as homeowners think. A common cause of HVAC system inefficiency is damaged seals around windows and doors. A smart home maintenance step is to check and reseal windows and exterior doors annually with weatherstripping. This prevents warm air from escaping and cold air from getting inside.

2. Cover Your Windows

Some homes have double or triple-paned windows, which are known for energy-efficiency. However, even these kind of windows may become inefficient when damaged. Adding an insulating film over your windows is an extra step that can help heat your home efficiently. Also, using thermal curtains to cover the windows at night will add an extra layer of insulation.

3. Upgrade Insulation

When you want to heat your home efficiently, the condition of your insulation makes all the difference. Many homeowners assume that the insulation in their walls will remain in great condition indefinitely. This is not the case.

Fiberglass insulation, for example, can slouch down in walls over time. It may be deteriorated because of pests or water damage. Perhaps the insulation was not high quality or wasn’t installed properly. Having a home inspector perform a home performance consultation with a thermal imaging camera is the best way to learn if your insulation is adequate.

4. Service or Replace Your HVAC System

Your heating system should receive a maintenance service each fall. This tune-up promotes energy efficiency by making any necessary adjustments to improve the system’s performance.

If you have an older HVAC system, this equipment may not be as energy-efficient as a newer model. Have a professional assess your heating and cooling system to determine what would work best for your home. With this information, you can request a quote for a more energy-efficient model.

With new equipment, you’ll likely enjoy lower heating costs without having to adjust furnace use, and it will pay off over time.

Some of these money-saving ideas to heat your home efficiently are affordable and can have a major impact on your heating expenses. Others require a larger up-front cost, but they continue to provide you with energy savings for years. Identify your home’s most substantial issues as a first step and use this information to prioritize your efforts.

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