If you own a home, you’ve probably already installed smoke detectors. While smoke detectors are definitely important devices to have in any building, there are other home safety essentials that it’s good to have on hand.

Fire Extinguishers

Check to verify that you have a fire extinguisher on every level of your home. Store them in easy-to-access areas and make sure your family knows where they are kept.

A fire extinguisher can put out smaller fires and will buy you some time in case you need to escape from a larger house fire. Familiarize yourself with the proper operation of the device and teach older children how to use it.

Flashlights are Important Safety Essentials for the Home

In case of a power outage, you’ll be glad that you have a few flashlights and fresh batteries stashed away. Flashlights are helpful for illuminating your home when the power goes out.

Plan on having a flashlight available for each member of your family. Having his or her own flashlight will help young children feel more secure in an uncertain situation.

First-Aid Kit

The supplies in a first-aid kit will help you tend to minor cuts and scrapes and your family will know where to look for emergency medical supplies. In case of a more serious injury, the contents of a first aid kit can help you manage the situation until professional help arrives.

Handrails are Home Safety Essentials

Anywhere there is a staircase or set of steps, install a handrail. Handrails help you stay stable when navigating the steps. They’re especially useful for providing support to the elderly, young children, or injured people who need to use the stairs. Secure handrails offer support in the event of tripping or a misstep on the stairs.

Add Nightlights

Install small plug-in nightlights in the hallways and in the bathrooms to allow for safe travel after dark. Nightlights are inexpensive and use very little electricity, making them an easy way to provide extra security at night.

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