Organizing your closets is rewarding when you have the right tools and skills to make this project a success. Knowing how you’ll use the space will help you choose products to maximize storage in the area. Here are a few tips to organize your closet quickly and affordably.

Use Vertical Space When Organizing Your Closets

Making good use of vertical space is an excellent way to optimize storage. To use every area of your closet, mount an extra closet rod, or two, to double or even triple your hanging space.

If your closet has shelving, use dividers to organize sweaters, jeans, and other clothes that need to be folded. These dividers make stacking a breeze by preventing piles from toppling over. If you have an empty wall in your closet, install hooks and use them for organizing scarves, belts, and other accessories.

Add a Shoe Rack

Shoe racks make great use of floor space, help to eliminate clutter, and give your shoe collection room to grow. Use these racks to organize footwear by color, style, or occasion.

Use Shower Rings

Shower rings are surprisingly handy for organizing your closet. Put them on hangers to add storage. This fast and inexpensive method is one of the best ways to keep scarves and tank tops free from wrinkling and knots. Shower rings serve as an individual holder for each piece of clothing, making it easier for you to grab a piece and go.

Bins and Baskets for Organizing Your Closets

Bins and baskets are decorative and efficient ways to use overhead spaces and are perfect for storing accessories such as hats, belts, and gloves. You can also use them to organize seasonal clothing, as baskets make it easy to swap the clothing as the seasons change.

Baskets with handles are great for quick access and make it easier to retrieve hard-to-reach items. Bins are an excellent catch-all for accessories like tights, socks, and undergarments.

Invest in a Closet Kit

Closet kits are perfect for maximizing every inch of your space and they’re easy to install. These organizational systems are more cost-effective than a custom-built closet and their versatility allows you to quickly update the space. The number of kits you’ll need depends on the size of your closet, so if you have a larger space, expect to purchase two or three kits.

Easy Closet Organization

Use storage bins, baskets, and shower rings as easy and effective ways to create more space. You’ll reduce clutter and give your closet a functional remodel. If you’re starting with a blank canvas, closet kits are an easy way to explore different design options that suit your specific needs.

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