Now that the weather is warm and many of us are spending more time safely at home, you have the perfect opportunity to get some work done around the house. Here are a few summertime home improvement projects you can complete in a weekend.

Improve the Mailbox

For many homes, the mailbox is installed near the road and is one of the first things a visitor might notice. If your mailbox has seen better days, paint it or install a new one. Make sure the post is still securely in the ground. Plant a flower bed with colorful annuals around the post to brighten that area of your yard.

Pressure Washing is Great for Summertime Home Improvement

If you don’t own one, rent a pressure washer for a weekend. Spend a couple of days washing the driveway and walkways and cleaning the siding of your home. Your property will look fresh and new with minimal effort. While you have the machine, use it to pressure-wash your deck. You’ll remove slippery mold and mildew and help make the deck safer for your family to enjoy.

Clean the Gutters

Keep the gutters clean so that the water flows freely off of your roof and away from your home’s siding and foundation. Clogged gutters contribute to mold growth, mosquitoes, and even basement flooding. It only takes a few hours to tackle this bit of home maintenance and your house will be healthier for your effort.

Summertime Home Improvement Should Include Mulching the Flower Beds

Mulch is attractive and functional. Add mulch to your flower beds, beneath the shrubbery, and around young trees. It slows the growth of weeds and helps plants retain moisture during the hot summer days. Mulching materials might include wood chips, pine needles, or commercially produced mulch purchased from your local hardware store.

Paint the Front Door

The entryway of your home should be attractive and inviting. Make a statement by painting the front door. Choose a bold color that complements the style of your home. You’ll boost curb appeal and your front entryway will be more welcoming to guests.

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